How to use the Insights Group Admin Report?

The Group Admin Report offers an easy way to access information about training usage in Motimate with information updated every 3-4 minutes.

  1. Access Insights on the bottom left hand side of the Motimate interface on desktop. This will take you to Motimate Insights where you will be presented with three options. Generate Reports, Reports and Group Admin Report.
  2. Select Group Admin Report

Who can access the Group Admin Report and what can they see?

Access is differentiated.

  • Org Admins have access to all groups, but they only see individual user results in the lowest level groups.
  • Group Admins have access to the reporting for the groups in which they are admins, and the child groups of those groups. 

The reporting is split into different levels:

Group view

This screen shows a table of the highest level groups the user is an Admin in. The Admin has access to all levels below by clicking the group name.

Group member view

Clicking a group in the lowest level in a hierarchy will open a list of users in the group.

Individual user view

Clicking a user in the lowest level group will open a list of the user’s Motis, Packages and Learning Paths

How are results calculated?

Calculations follow the same principles as Leaderboard.

  • All completion ratio calculations are based on chapter completions.
  • All Motis from playlists 1-5 are included in group and user results.
  • In the user view it is possible to access a list of level 6 - Available courses.
  • Observers are not included in the group results.
  • Motis are counted regardless of the group to which they are assigned.
  • Motis assigned to more than one playlist are only counted once.
  • Packages and Learning Paths are shown in the same list as Motis.

What do the colors in the completion bar mean?

Green: 61 - 100% completion rate

Yellow: 11 - 60% completion rate

Red: 0 - 10% completion rate

For example, if a user has completed 5 out of 10 Motis their completion rate will be 50% and their completion bar will be yellow. If a user has completed 10 out of 15 Motis, they will have a completion rate of 67% and their completion bar will be Yellow.


  • Clicking on a group name will show the children of the selected group. This is how it works all the way down to the lowest level in the hierarchy.
  • Navigation between groups can also be done on the trail above the results.

Congratulations! You now have all you need to use the Group Admin Report.