How to use Motimate Public API?

Use the Public API to automate admin work and connect Motimate to other cool services.

Public API is a set of services that can be used to update and manage data in Motimate. It is documented in a standard way, called open API and provides developers with programmatic access to our software as a service. This api has a broader support in what you can do with SCIM and CSV, but you need a integration service or software robot to consume it.

Data Models

Public API provides models to automate user provisioning and wall posts. It has these data models:

  • User model can read, write and update information on you user accounts. This can be contact information data and access roles. Password can not be set from the endpoint, but can be sent out from Motimate after users has been created or you can share the set new password link (forgot password). Users can also be assigned to groups as group leads/admin to delegate moti management. If a user has one or multiple positions, this can also be set in this endpoint.
  • Groups model can read, write and assign users groups. These groups can also be structured in a three structure to simplify content work.
    Important: The group level is currently defined using the attribute kind. The value of kind can vary from organization to organization. It can also be changed easily by your organization admin. When setting up API integration, it's advisable to define a permanent list of kind names for your group levels to avoid potential error in the API integration should kind names change.
  • Positions model can read write positions that user account can be assigned to.
  • Post is used to create posts and publish them on the Wall. This can be done in combination with the files services to upload nice images.
  • Files is used to upload images for posts. Size limit for images are 40 MB, videos are 100MB and documents 100 MB.

There are also two support services that you need to consume the data models above:

  • OAuth Token endpoint is used to create access token. Get your client id and client secrete by contacting
  • Me endpoint is used to verify the access token. This is useful if you have a keystore to keep your access token and you would like to verify that it is working without invoking any transactional calls.

Complete documentation is available here: Motimate OpenAPI Documentation.