How to use HotSpot content block?

The HotSpot content block is a great way to provide extra information about elements in an image in a way that engages the user.

Creating a HotSpot content block

  1. Choose the Hotspot content block while editing a Moti. 
  2. Upload or select an image from Unsplash you would like to use. 
  3. Move the Hotspot scanner to your desired place of the image.
  4. Next you can choose to upload a picture that will appear on the Hotspot, or the text. 
  5. Customize the background color and font color of your liking.
  6. Press the + button to add more Hotspots items.

Congratulations! You have now created a HotSpot. 

Changing background image does not remove the hotspots. Note that the hotspots are not visible after the original image has been deleted, but they will show again when a new background image is added.