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How to use Group Admin Assignment?

Group Admin Assignment makes it possible for group admins to assign Learnings to individual users and create Custom Groups.

Group Admin Assignment is a feature flag that needs to be activated by Motimate Support by contacting support@motimateapp.com. This feature is only available in the Motimate App.

What can be assigned?

Group admins can assign any Motis, Packages or Learning Paths that are already assigned to them. 

Who can the Group Admins assign to? 

Group admins can assign to all users they are group admins for. They can either assign to existing groups or create own custom groups. 

How to assign Learnings to individual users? 

  1. Go to My Training in Motimate App and select Learning you would like to assign. 
  2. Click Assign on the selected Learning. A shopping cart will appear over the bar. It is possible to add more Learnings to assign. 
  3. When you have selected all Learnings you would like to assign, press Assign over the bar. 

  4. In this step you will be able to delete the selected Learnings or add new Learnings. Continue when you are ready by pressing Next.
  5. Now you choose the groups or users you would like to assign the Learning(s) to. 


6. To choose individual users, choose the group they are in. 


7. Proceed to select the users you would like to assign the Learning(s) to, and click Create Group. A custom group will be saved that you can now assign the learning to. 


8. Press Next and choose the Playlist you would like to assign the Learning to, and click Complete


Congratulations! You have now successfully assigned Learning(s) as a Group Admin. A custom group will automatically be created when you assign learning to individual users. 

How to edit or delete assignments and custom groups as a Group Admin? 

Sometimes there is a need to make changes or delete created assignments and groups. Go to My Training and click on the Group management Icon. To delete assignments, just press the trashcan icon besides the assignment and it will be removed. To edit or delete groups, press Edit group and you can choose to add/remove users or delete the whole group.