How to use Generate Reports?

Generate Reports offers an easy and efficient way to keep track of progress in Motimate. This article will explain how you can generate a report.

  1. Access Insights on the bottom left hand side of the Motimate interface on desktop. This will take you to Motimate Insights where you will be presented with three options. Generate Reports, Reports and Group Admin Report.
  2. Select Generate Reports.

Who can access Generate Reports and what can they see? 

Access is differentiated.

  • Org. Admins have access to generate reports.
  • Admins in groups have access to generate reports but only to users and Motis in their own groups.

By using Generate reports you are able to create templates that will be saved in your template library, and these can be reused every time you need to generate a report based on the same selections.

Generating a report:

  1. Click Create a new Template.
  2. Type your Template title and Template description.
  3. Choose your preferred Excel layout that will determine the structure. Selecting Groups will make it easier to sort and filter reports based on selected groups. If you choose Users it will be easier to sort and filter reports based on users. Learnings will make it easier to sort and filter based on Motis, Packages or Learning Paths. 
  4. Select the level of detail in the Excel report. Overview will only contain overall completion information for the groups, users and learnings selected, with no individual results shown. Detailed will show all completion details for the groups, users and learnings.
  5. Select which Level and Groups you want. If you would like to only see one or more specific groups, choose them and leave the level filter blank. 
  6. Select the positions you want included in the report.
  7. Select users you want to include in the report. 
  8. Leave Data Aggregation on. 
  9. Select the type of learning your Excel report should contain, between Motis, Packages and Learning Paths.
  10. In the next step you will select which Motis, Packages or Learning Paths you want to include, based on your selection in the previous step. 
  11. Select Playlists to show results from. 
  12. You're all done, and now all you have to do is click Generate report! 

The excel report will now be sent to your email. 

The Templates made are personal, and is not shareable or useable to others. Each Admin need to create their own Templates.