How to use Actions?

Actions are settings that allow you to set rules for motis such as deadlines and retakes.

  1. To access actions you must go to Moti settings in a Moti you want to set actions for and then select Assign Moti in the top right corner. 
  2. The next step is to assign the Moti if you have not already done so. You cannot add an Action without an assignment. Once you have added the assignment for Position, Playlist, and Group, you will be able to select Add Action

You are then presented with four different options that you can set actions for:

  • Individual Recurring
  • Individual Deadline
  • Group Recurring
  • Group Deadline

Individual recurring allows you to set a time period for after a Moti has been completed by an individual user after which the Moti will be available for a retake. This is particularly useful if you have training that needs to be completed regularly for compliance purposes.

Set the individual timer for the period of time after the Moti has been initially completed by the user, and the time span that after which you want the Moti to be open for retake. The individual timer must be at least one day ahead of the open for retake period.



The Individual Deadline action allows you to set deadlines on Motis for individual users based on either when they were sent an invite to join Motimate or upon their first log in.

To set the action, simply select the option you are looking for and add in the time period after which the Moti needs to be completed.


The Group Recurring action allows you to set a recurring retake period for a Moti for the whole group to which the Moti has been assigned.

Here you can simply select the date you want the Moti to be valid until, and how often you would like it to be retaken.


The Group Deadline action allows you to simply set a deadline by which the Moti needs to be completed. This would be the same for all users in the groups that have been assigned to the Moti. This is used when a Moti must be completed before a fixed date and time (for the users that have been assigned to the Moti).

Simply select the deadline and you are good to go. 


User perspective on Deadlines

When a user has been assigned a deadline in one of the ways described above, they will see an animated hourglass timer on the Moti that changes as the deadline draws nearer.

This icon means there is a deadline coming up in under 31 days:

This icon means there is a deadline within 24 hours:

This icon means that the deadline has passed:

When the user selects the Moti, they can see the deadline:

Action Priorities can also be set for the Actions that you choose. This comes into play when you have multiple assignments on a Moti and want to ensure the most important Actions are prioritised. In this case, you can drag and drop the actions in order of importance:

Congratulations you have now set up Actions on your Moti!