How to turn on notification for a Pulse group?

Notifications are turned off by default for Pulse groups, but it's very easy to enable them for any group you wish. Simply follow these instructions.

Enable Pulse notification for a Pulse group

  1. Log in to Motimate using our mobile app either for iOS or Android.
  2. Open Pulse by clicking the Pulse icon at the bottom of your screen:
  3. Click the Settings wheel at the top right corner of the Pulse screen:
  4. In the list of groups, please click on the group you wish to enable notifications for.
  5. Turn the toggle for Receive push notifications to On:

Congratulations! You've now enabled notifications for your group.

This is an individual user setting. When you enable notifications like this, you only enable them for your user in that group. All other users who wish to receive notifications, need to go through the same process as above, if they would also like to enable it.