How to translate a Moti?

In Motimate you can easily add many translations to you content and the different versions can be handled easily in Studio. The content has to be translated manually, or by using an external translation tool.

Translating a Moti

  1. You can add a translation to a Moti that is in Edit-mode, or in an already Published Moti. If you add a translation to a Moti which is in edit mode, just click Translate:Skjermbilde 2021-03-04 kl. 15.12.39
    If you want to add a translation to a Moti which has already been published, hit Edit, Cancel for creating a draft, and then Translate. The following steps are identical to both options.
  2. You will be asked which language are you translating from, and to which language do you want to translate it to. If you want to make multiple translations, this will be possible once you have inserted the header & description text. Click Next.
    Skjermbilde 2021-03-04 kl. 14.26.26
  3. Write the new, translated header of your Moti, and click Next.
    Skjermbilde 2021-03-04 kl. 14.12.33
  4. Add any description text to your Moti, in the new language. You can add/edit description text later as well.Skjermbilde 2021-03-04 kl. 14.13.11
  5. Now you will be able to switch between the different language versions. Click Edit Chapter to start translating the content.Skjermbilde 2021-03-04 kl. 14.45.35
  6. Once you click Edit, you can start changing the text, hit save when done. You will need to update every text object in all chapters, and might also have the need to switch images if you have text in them. If you use a lot of images with text in them, consider using Poster block, which makes it easy to alter text directly in Motimate.Skjermbilde 2021-03-04 kl. 14.49.12
  7. When done, hit Submit for Approval.
  8. In case the Moti was not published previously you will first have to approve the original version. Switch back to original version, and hit Submit for Approval. Once you have done that, you will need to Approve the original version of the Moti first, before you can switch back to the translated version and send that one to approval.
    The help text will guide you as well:Skjermbilde 2021-03-04 kl. 15.01.25
  9. Hit Approve, and send the new language version to approval:Skjermbilde 2021-03-04 kl. 15.03.02Skjermbilde 2021-03-04 kl. 15.03.11
    The translation has now been sent to approval, and in case you are a single editor with no publishing rights, you will have to alert your admin that there is a new language version to be approved.
  10. Go back to the Studio overview (list with all Motis) and find your Moti. Click on the Language Symbol.
    Skjermbilde 2021-03-04 kl. 15.03.20
  11. Click Approve.
  12. The translation is now made and approved. If the course wasn't published previously, you should also hit Publish. You can whenever delete translations completely, or do changes within. To do changes, go into Edit mode, choose your Language in the dropdown, make necessary changes, and go through the approval steps again.

You should never translate a Moti with several editors simultaneously. If you want a colleague to help you out, ask them to do so once you are done and have saved your changes.

Adding translations to Packages and Learning paths are made in similar ways and is even easier. Check out the following articles: