How to submit a Moti for approval?

When you've completed your Moti, if your role is Training Editor or User you need to submit it for approval before it will be possible to publish it.

Submitting a Moti for approval:

  1. Go to Studio and open the Moti you would like to submit for approval.
  2. Click Edit Moti.
  3. Click Submit for Approval.
  4. Remember to notify a Chief Editor or an Organization Admin that you have submitted your Moti for approval, as they will not be notified automatically.

Congratulations! You have now submitted your Moti for approval.

It's not possible for you to edit your Chapters or Content Blocks while your Moti is awaiting approval. If you need to make changes before your Moti has been approved, you need to first request that a Chief Editor or Organization Admin rejects your approval request. Once you've made your changes, you need to submit your Moti for approval again.

If your Moti has already been approved, you can edit your Moti by creating a new draft. Afterwards, you also need to submit your Moti for approval again.