How to set up Diplomas for Motis?

The Diploma feature is a great way to motivate and encourage your users.

Before you can set up Diplomas for Motis, you need to contact Motimate Support at to enable Diplomas for your organization. Only editors can set up Diplomas. 

Setting up Diplomas for a Moti: 

  1. Log into your Motimate account. 
  2. Go to Studio. 
  3. Choose the Moti you would like to set up a Diploma for. 
  4. Go to Moti Settings, scroll down to Diploma and check the box to enable Diploma. 

    Congratulations! You have now set up a Diploma for the Moti.

Setting an expiration date for Diplomas:

It is possible to set a Expiry date for Diplomas, but this is only recommended for Moties that will expire or will not be updated.

Once the expiry date has passed, users will not get Diplomas for the Moti. If you choose not to set an Expiry date for Diplomas, the Diploma will be issued at all times with no expiry date.

Setting Diplomas for a Moti with Actions: 

We generally do not recommend Diplomas on Moties that have Recurring Actions, or that are frequently updated or outdated.

If a Diploma is set for a Moti with a Recurring Action such as Individual Recurring or Group Recurring, the Diploma will show valid until the set date for the recurring action. For example, if the Moti has the Action Individual Recurring set for 1 year, the Diploma will be valid for one year after the Moti is completed. The user will be issued a new Diploma once the Moti is completed again. 

Users will find Diplomas in the app by clicking the Menu sign and then Diplomas, and it should appear on Web in the bar to the left. The users are able to download Diplomas as PDF.