How to set up automatic reminders?

Automatic reminders is a great way to make sure users are up to speed with their Motis in Motimate. The reminders will be sent once a month, on your preferred day and time. 

Setting up automatic reminders:

  1. Log into your Motimate account.
  2. Go to MotiSpace Settings.
  3. Click on Features on the left sidebar. 
  4. Scroll down and click Training. 
  5. Press the toggle besides Automatic Moti reminders and make sure it turns blue
  6. The feature is now enabled. This next step is important as Support will set up the rest from here.  
  7. Contact with your preferred day and time for the reminders to be sent out (ex. The 20th every month at 9am). Make sure to include a customized text for the reminders if you don't want to use the default text. 

The automatic reminders will look something like this, if you choose the default text: 

Please note: Automatic reminders can only be sent out once a month, and will be sent out to all users that have at least one course that is not completed. 

If you are looking to schedule reminders for specific Motis only, you will find it in the link below: