How to reset your password?

This article explains how you can reset your password in Motimate. This is helpful if you forget your password or want to reset it for security reasons.

Resetting your password in the app or on web:

  1. Go to Log in page.
  2. Tap Forgot password? 
  3. Enter a valid email and/or phone number.
  4. Tap Continue and "Don't worry, be happy!" message is displayed.
  5. Click the link Reset password from the received email/SMS message.
  6. Enter a new valid password and repeat it.
  7. Tap Save.
  8. You should now be logged into the your account.

You should always use the same device when resetting passwords. If you reset the password in the app, you should click the reset password link on your phone. If you reset the password on web, you should click the reset password link on web. 

Please check your spam folder if you dont receive the email with your password link. If you are looking to just change your password and not reset it, follow the link below.