How to require an Activity completion?

By adding an Activity block to your Moti, you can require users to complete an activity outside of Motimate. It could for instance be taking an external lesson, or completing other activities you would like to require.

Adding Activity completion requirement

  1. Start by clicking Edit Chapter in the chapter you want to require Activity completion.
  2. In the menu "Add Content", select Activity.
  3. You will now see a new content block, where you can configure your Activity:
  4. You can then give a Title to your new Activity block.
  5. You can upload an Image file or GIF to illustrate the Activity.
  6. Type A short description to explain the user what she or he needs to do in order to complete the Activity.
  7. Then you have to select whether or not completion of the Activity should be Validated by Code or User Validation.
  8. If you select Validate By Code, you must set a 4-digit code, which the user must provide in order to proof that the activity has been completed. As such, you have to make sure the user is provided this code when the activity has been completed, e.g. after attending a live seminar. A QR code will also be generated. Mobile app users can scan this QR code, instead of typing the 4 digit code if they wish. However, it is import to remember that users who take the Moti in the web browsers, will only have the option to type the 4 digit code. Click Random or Make a new code if you wish that we create a code for you. The code will always be the same of all users. It is not possible to generate a unique code per user.
  9. If you select User Validation, the user will simply have to confirm (at their own conscience)  that the Activity has been completed. It could for instance be to confirm that they have read a document or updated some information in a separate tool.
  10. That's it! Remember to click Save to avoid losing this, and other changes you've made, in the chapter.

Congratulations! You have now created an Activity completion requirement.


Remember: As editor of the moti, you can always find the codes under Moti settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings, and you will see Learning Activities Validation. Here you can redeem the 4 digit code, and also print out the QR-code.