How to post in Pulse?

Pulse provides an easy way to share exciting updates with your colleagues.

In this article you will learn how to post on Pulse from your different devices:

How to post in Pulse on desktop?

  1. Log in to your Motispace. 
  2. Click Pulse on the left hand side menu
  3. Next, select Create new post in the top right hand corner
  4. Here you are presented with several options. You can type in the text you want to share with your colleagues. You can also choose to upload an Image, Video or File. You can also select from our GIF library. 

Please note that the maximum file size of a video is 100mb and posts must include text.

5. Next, select the group you would like to post on If you are a member of multiple groups.

6. Once you are happy with the post select Publish post

Congratulations! You have posted on Pulse on desktop.

How to post in Pulse on mobile?

  1. Open the Motimate app and log into your Motispace
  2. Select the feed icon on the bottom of the screen:

  3. Next, select the create post icon in the top right hand corner:

  4. Next, write your text.
  5. You can then select an image or file to upload by clicking on their respective icons. You can also choose from our GIF library by selecting the GIF icon.
  6. Click Next
  7. Select the group you want to post in.
  8. Select Publish

Congratulations! You have now shared a post from Pulse on mobile