How to make a Speed Quiz?

A Speed Quiz can be a fun, entertaining and competitive way to engage your audience in a Moti. Users have a limited time to answer each question, and can see how well they ranked in the end.

Adding a Speed Quiz

  1. Start by clicking Edit Chapter in the chapter you want to add the Quiz in.
  2. In the menu "Add Content", select Speed Quiz.
  3. You will now see a new content block, where you can configure your Speed Quiz:
  4. You can then give a Title to your new Speed Quiz.
  5. Click circle 1 to go to your first question. You will then see this form:
  6. Type your question in the Question box. Remember to finish it with a question mark :)
  7. You can click the Image icon next to the question if you wish to add an illustrating image.
  8. Select whether or not you want the Answer Alternatives the user can select from to be Text answers or Image answers.
  9. Type your answer alternative or upload your image alternative for each alternative in Answer alternative. If you have selected Image answer, you can also add optional text corresponding to each image.
  10. Then click Add a new alternative. You can add up to four answer alternatives.
  11. When you've added all your alternatives, select Correct next to the alternatives that are correct. If multiple alternatives are correct, the user must select all the correct alternatives in order to pass the question. You should give your users a hint that there are more than one correct answer alternativ, to avoid confusion.
  12. Remember to click Save to avoid losing this, and other changes you've made, in the chapter.

Congratulations! You have now created a nice Speed Quiz block.

As opposed to a regular Quiz, when users take a Speed Quiz, there's no requirement to pass the Speed Quiz in order to proceed to the next chapter or to complete the Moti. It's more to be considered a fun challenge or a game. Users can re-take the Speed Quiz as many times as they want.