How to make a Poster?

The Poster is a very flexible content block that allows you to be creative in the way you present and display text, images, icons, and shapes.

Adding a Poster

  1. Start by clicking Edit Chapter in the chapter you want to add the Poster in.
  2. In the menu "Add Content", select Poster.
  3. You will now see a new content block, where you can create your Poster:
  4. Click Start editing to open the Poster Editor:

    Skjermbilde 2022-01-12 kl. 14.25.23
  5. First input the heigh of your Poster in Poster height.
  6. Then select what kind of background you would like.
  7. If you go for a fixed single-colored background (Solid), you need to select which color you want.
  8. If you go for a gradient background of various colors:
    1. Choose whether you want the gradient to be Linear or Radial.
    2. Choose if you want the gradient to start from Bottom, Top, Left, Right, or Center.
    3. Select colors by clicking the circles just below the gradient bar.
    4. Add more colors to the gradient by clicking on the bar where you want to add the color.
    5. Click the circles and drag for the left or right if you want to adjust where the gradient changes.
    6. Click the X-circles if you wish to delete a color.
  9. If you go for a background image uploaded by you, click Image to upload your image file from your computer, or from the free-to-use image bank Unsplash.
  10. Click + Insert element in order to insert your elements on your background.
  11. If you insert Text, you change the text and the formatting of the text by double-clicking the text Start editing here that appears in your Poster. You can also adjust the Opacity.
  12. If you insert Image, you'll be asked to upload your image file. Afterwards you can adjust the size of your Image.
  13. If you insert an Icon, you can browse through or search for a suitable icon. After inserting an icon, you can change the color, size, and opacity.
  14. If you insert a shape, you can also chance the color, size, and opacity of your shape.
  15. You can also insert images from Unsplash.
  16. Once you've inserted all your elements, you can adjust which elements to appear on top of each other below the Insert element button. Simply drag and reorder the elements. Elements on top of the list, will appear above elements further down the list.
  17. Click Save when you are done editing the Poster.
  18. Remember to click Save again to avoid losing this, and other changes you've made, in the chapter.

Congratulations! You have now created a nice Poster block.

Poster blocks offer you the option to be creative in many ways. Some customers prefer to use a Poster to create larger and more fun headlines, others use the poster as a way to more creatively express their message. Check out some of our examples below!

Examples of creative Poster blocks

Headline that catches the users' attention:

Use of shapes and colors as a creative back drop:

Nice looking illustration using Shapes and Emojis:

Fresh, colorful gradient backgrounds:

Mix of transparent images, with company logos, shapes, and gradient:

Illustrate your content, and remember text can easily be translated: