How to enable or disable MotiSpace features?

You can quickly enable or disable most of the features in your Motimate account in MotiSpace Settings. The changes you make will be live for all users immediately.

Enabling and disabling MotiSpace features

  1. Log into your organization's MotiSpace settings.
  2. Navigate to the Features tab, and all your available features will be listed:
    1. Contact List
      Enable Contact list in main menu. Users can see contact information for everybody in the lowest level groups they are members of.
    2. Documents
      Users can see uploaded documents according to group and position assignments.
    3. Custom Links
      Add links to external web pages to the main menu. The links will be accessible for all users.
    4. Feedback
      Users can send feedback through the mobile apps, and these comments will be forwarded to the email address you provide here. You can only enter one address.
      Note: This is feedback provided through a feedback feature under the menu in the mobile apps. Star ratings and comments submitted after Moti completions are not forwarded to this address.
    5. Hide Leaderboard
      Enable this to hide Leaderboard for all users. User completions will still be registered and can be checked by administrators in the Reports. If Leaderboards are not hidden, you can also change the following settings:
      1. Show custom groups in Leaderboard.
        Enable display of custom groups in Leaderboard. Custom groups show the individual results of the group members.
      2. Show users in all groups without children in Leaderboard.
        Make it possible to show the users from all groups without children in the Leaderboard. When this feature is turned off, individual users are only shown in the lowest level groups of the organization.
      3. Make Leaderboard participation optional for users.
        Enable checkbox in the user's Profiles where each user can choose not to be shown in Leaderboard. Moti completions will still be registered and shown in the reports.
    6. Tasks (paid feature)
      Enable the task feature to make it possible to send and receive tasks from groups and users.
      Note: You need to contact your Key Account Manager in order to enable or disable this feature.
    7. Training
      1. Automatic Moti Reminders
        Send reminders by email or push notification once a month to users who have not completed all assigned Motis. The user will not receive reminders for Motis that only are assigned to Discover.
      2. Moti Preview Link
        Allow any user in the organization to preview a Moti from a preview link.
      3. Provisio Events
        Enable Proviso content block.
        Note: You need to contact your Key Account Manager in order to enable or disable this feature.
      4. Distribute Motis to other organizations
        Make it possible to distribute Motis to other organizations. Distribution can be done from Studio by Chief Editors and Organization Admins.
        Note: You need to contact your Key Account Manager in order to enable or disable this feature.
    8. Pulse (paid feature)
      Enable the Pulse wall to create and publish posts.
  3. To enable or disable a feature, simply change turn the relevant toggles On or Off.
    Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 11.54.08
  4. When all settings are updates, simply click Save in the bottom right corned to save. Changes will be live immediately.

Congratulations! You've now updated your Motimate account features.