How to edit Playlist names?

Motimate allow you to customize the title of your Playlist names such as "Mandatory" and "Nice to know".

Edit Playlist names

  1. Log into your organization's MotiSpace settings.
  2. Navigate to the Playlists tab, and the names of all your playlists will be listed.
  3. These are the default Playlist names:
    1. Mandatory
    2. Need to know
    3. Nice to know
    4. Recommended
    5. Routines
  4. You can rename each list to exactly whatever Name you want. Bear in mind that Playlists will appear in the same order as listed in the settings.
  5. Click Add Translation, select Language, and you can add a translated name of each Playlist to your chosen language.
  6. When you are done, simply click Save, and your changes will go live to all users immediately.

Congratulations! You have now edited your Playlist names.

In many cases it may not be necessary to make use of all five normal playlists. If there are playlist you will not be using, you cannot deleted them, but we recommend giving a name such as "DO NOT USE". If no content is assigned to a Playlist it will never be visible to any users. It will only appear when assigning content.

PS: It is not possible to add more than five playlists.