How to edit Group Level names?

Learn how you can customize the name for each available group level in your account.

Edit Group Level names

  1. Log into your organization's MotiSpace settings.
  2. Navigate to the Levels tab, and the names of all your levels will be listed.
  3. These are the default Level Names:
    1. Level 0: Custom
    2. Level 1: Organization
    3. Level 2: Country
    4. Level 3: Region
    5. Level 4: Store
  4. Change the names of your levels as you please, and click Save to save your changes. The changes will be live immediately.

Congratulations! You've now updated the level names in your organization.


If your organization integrate with Motimate using our Public API, the scrips you are using to update and make changes to your group structure will depend on the names you've provided above (e.g. POST /groups statements).

If this is the case, you should not make any changes to your Group Level Names without consulting the persons in charge of your API integration.

Adding or removing levels?

If you wish to add or remove more group levels in your organization, you will need to contact Motimate support.