How to download an excel report on active users?

Reports provides an easy way to generate information on active users in Motimate

  1. Click Insights on the bottom left hand side of the Motimate interface on desktop. This will take you to Motimate Insights where you will be presented with two options. Reports and Group Admin Report.
  2. Select Reports.This will take you to the report below which displays Active Users on your Motimate account:

  3. From here, you can select different filtering options by clicking on filters. This gives you a wide range of options including date range, time intervals, levels, and groups. You can also filter by active users in Training or in Pulse:
  4. Select the filters you want and hit submit. Once you have selected and submitted the filters, the page will refresh with the new data set. 
  5. Select Send as XLS
  6. In the pop-up window select Send
  7. Check your email inbox for the email titled Motimate Active Users report. Here you will find a download link for the report that will last for 10 minutes.
  8. Hit Download report.

Congratulations! You have now downloaded an excel report on active users!