How to customize email invitations?

The email invitations to log in may be your users' first introduction to Motimate, and we highly advise you to customize them to suit your organization.

Customizing Email Invitations

  1. Log in to your Motimate account with an org admin account.
  2. Open MotiSpace Settings under the Settings icon.
  3. Select the Messages tab.
  4. Choose to edit Email under the Invites section on the left hand side.
    If you would like to edit the Reminder Emails instead, simply choose Email under the Reminder section instead.
  5. Start by making sure that the Default template is selected.
  6. An example email invitation can look like this:
  7. You can only change the text in the red highlighted part of the email example.
  8. The color theme of the email will be based on that in your Motimate account. Similarly, we will also use the same logo as you have selected for your account. Check out our article on How to change logo and theme color? if you wish to change this. However, bear in mind that if you change logo and theme color, it will change not only for your email templates, but for your entire Motimate account.
  9. If you click Add variable, you can insert a selection of the following variables, which will be converted to the relevant text for each individual user:
    1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Password
    4. Link to app download
    5. Identifier name (the identifier for your account/alias)
    6. Employee number (the ID for your user, often also the username)
    7. MotiSpace name (the name of your account, typically company name)
    8. Phone number
    9. Email
  10. You can format your text trough the use of Markdown language. Below are a few common examples of what our customers find useful:
    1. Italic text: Type a single asterisk (*) to start and end italic text.
      The word *example* will appear in italic.
    2. Bold text: Type two asterisks (**) to start and end bold text.
      The word **example** will appear in bold.
    3. Italic and bold text: Type three asterisks (***) to start and end italic and bold text.
      The word ***example*** will appear in italic and bold.
    4. Heading: Start a line with one or several Number Signs (#) to create a heading. We recommend using heading level 2, with two numbers signs (##) in our invitation emails.
      ## This sentence will appear as heading level 2.
    5. Ordered list: Start each item with 1. 2. 3. in order to create an ordered lists.
      1. This will be
      2. an ordered list
      3. with three items.
    6. Unordered list: Create an unordered list with a dash (-) in front of each item.
      - This will be
      - an unordered list
      - with three items.
    7. Links: You can insert a link with a link text by typing the link text in brackets [] followed immediately by the URL in parentheses ().
      My favorite learning platform is [Motimate](
    8. The example invitation above is coded like this:
      ## Hi %{first_name}!

      We are delighted to welcome you to **Motimate**. You are receiving this email because **%{organization}** have chosen Motimate as learning platform, and will use it to provide you with training.

      We encourage you to check out the following features after logging in:

      - Training
      - Pulse
      - Tasks

      If you have any questions about Motimate, you can check out our [Intranet](, or reach out to your manger or the L&D Department.

      Below this email you will find your personal credentials in order to log in.

      After your first login, we suggest going through the following steps:

      1. Change to a new password.
      2. Set a personal profile picture.
      3. Change your language.

      We really hope you enjoy learning new things in Motimate, and wish you all the best with your training!
    9. Review the Basic Syntax in the Markdown Guide for documentation of other possible features. Note: We do not support use of HTML.
  11. Make sure to click Send a test message to receive a test invitation email in your inbox.
  12. If the test message looks like you intended, make sure to click the blue Save button at the bottom right side of your screen, to ensure that your changes are saved and not lost.

Congratulations! All new users will now receive your customized email invitation.

Reminder emails:
You can also edit the reminder emails, just like you edited the invitation email. Simply click Email under the Reminders section instead.

If you use several language in your Motimate account, you can add several language version of your invitation and reminder emails. Simply click Add translation and select Language to get started. The rest of the process is the same.

Single Sign On (SSO):
For organization who use SSO as login mechanism, we typically recommend that they send their own invitations through internal channels. However, if you still wish to send invitations from Motimate, you can use the same template as described in this article. However, you can rest assure that the Username and Password fields will be left out of the email. Only MotiSpace will be displayed below your customized text.