How to create a Moti?

It's very simple to make courses in Motimate, and we like to call them Motis. You'll be able to create your first Moti just by following these simple steps.

Creating a Moti

  1. Start by clicking Studio in the menu on the left after logging in to Motimate.
  2. Click the green Compose-button.
  3. Select Moti.
  4. Give you Moti a name. This will be the name of your course.
  5. Select which color you want for your Moti badge. You can also enter a custom HEX color code, e.g. "#00C490".
  6. Then choose a badge icon from the list, or search for a relevant keyword.
  7. Afterwards you'll see a summary with your Moti name and badge color and icon.
  8. Click Let's Go when you're ready to start editing your Moti.
  9. You will now see the Moti Settings page:
  10. You can edit your Moti title, badge, and color if you wish to change it again.
  11. Enter a short Moti Description to explain and present what the course it about to your users.
  12. Check the box Locked order on chapters if you would like to lock the order of chapters in your Moti. If you do so, users will not be able to proceed to the next chapter, before they have completed the current one. As such all chapters will need to be completed in the correct order.
  13. Add relevant Tags to your Moti. You can select from existing, or create new ones. A tag should be a relevant keyword for the content in your Moti. E.g. if you are creating a Moti about MS Excel, relevant tags could be "Excel", "Office", and "Spreadsheets".
  14. We strongly recommend that you set an estimated Moti Duration. This help indicate to users how much time they need to plan in order to complete your Moti. You can easily update the estimate again later, when you have completed your Moti. Your estimate can be in either Minutes or Hours.
  15. You will automatically be added as Editor to your Moti. If you wish to add more editors to your Moti, simply click Add Editors.
  16. Finally select which Categories the course should be placed in. You can place a course in as many categories as you like, or even none at all. If there are no categories available, you can contact your Organization Admin in order to add categories.
  17. Click Edit Moti to start editing the content of your Moti.
  18. First you much enter a Title for your new chapter. Press Enter on your keyboard when you are done typing the title.
  19. Then you click Edit Chapter in order to start editing your first chapter.
  20. We strongly recommend that you use a variety of different content block. In your first Moti, try to familiarize yourself with all of them. Here are instructions for the various content blocks:
    1. Content
      1. Text
      2. Quote
      3. Storyboard
      4. List
      5. Gallery
      6. Video
      7. Poster
      8. External
      9. Podcast
    2. Interaction
      1. Activity
      2. Role Play
      3. Quiz
    3. Games
      1. Speed Quiz
      2. Swipe Game
  21. When you are done editing your chapter, remember to click Save.
  22. After saving a chapter, you can create a new chapter by simply typing a new chapter name in the Title for new chapter box.

Congratulations! You have now created the basis for your fist Moti.

When your Moti is finished, please check out the following instructions:

Warning: Edits to chapters and content blocks are not saved automatically. As such we strongly recommend that you click Save regularly, to avoid the risk of losing your work.