How to copy a Moti between organizations?

This function is great for collaborating on learning with other organizations.

By using the copy feature in Motis, you can easily copy your content to another organization and give them rights to edit the content. 

Before you can do these steps, you will need to contact Motimate Support at A connection between you and the organization will be made in order for you to copy a Moti. 

Copying Motis between organizations: 

  1. Log into your Motimate account.
  2. Go to Studio. 
  3. Click on the Moti you would like to copy. The Moti has to be approved before you can copy it, but it does not need to be published. 
  4. Click Distribute, and choose the organization you want to copy the Moti to, by clicking Send Copy besides their name under "Copy To Organization". All organizations you have connections with will appear on this page. 

    You have now sent the Moti to the chosen organization, and it will appear in their Studio. 

Please note: When using the Copy to organization feature, that organization will be able to edit and change the Moti. If you want the editor rights to remain in your organization, it is better to use the share with organization feature instead that is linked below.