How to change logo and theme color?

Customizing your own logo and color theme is nice way to ensure your Motimate account appear tailor-made for your organization. It's quick and easy to do this in MotiSpace settings.

Change Logo and Theme Color

  1. Log into your organization's MotiSpace settings.
  2. Under the General tab, you will find Brand Preferences on your left hand side.
  3. We encourage you to verify that you have your preferred theme color set correctly first, before you change your logo.
  4. Expand the Colors section.
    1. Click the existing color circle to pick a new color from the color picker, or
    2. Click the existing hex color code, and type your new color in hex format.
  5. Expand the Logo Section.
  6. Click the Upload button in order to select and upload your logo file.
    Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 11.19.34
    Note: We support both .jpg and.png files, but encourage the use of transparent .png files where the shortest side is minimum 300 px.
  7. The Logo Editor will now open. If you simply want to edit your existing logo, instead of uploading a new one, you can simply click the Edit button.
    Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 11.17.00
  8. First select which Background Color you wish to fill the transparent parts of your logo with. You can choose between White, Black, or Brand, where the latter will fill with your chosen Theme color.
  9. Next you can crop your logo by clicking and adjusting the corners and sides of the logo image.
  10. You can Reset Crop or Center Crop anytime if you need to at the bottom of the editor.
  11. Click Preview when you're satisfied with you background color and crop.
  12. You can now preview how your logo will appear on the various screens in Motimate. You can toggle between Mobile App and Web view.
    Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 11.20.19
  13. Click Save at the bottom right corner of your screen when you are ready to save. Please be aware that the changes will be live immediately for all users, both in the app, and on web.

Congratulations! You have now updated your organization's Logo and Theme Color.

When you preview your logo, make sure to pay attention to how it look across all primarily screens where it's being placed:

  • In the login screen, above username and password.
  • As an icon in the mobile apps.
  • Above the side menu on the left hand side on web.