How to assign a Package?

Assigning a Package is important, otherwise no users will be able to see it, even though you may have already published the Package.

Assigning a Package

  1. Log into to your Motimate account, and open Studio.
  2. Select Packages in the menu on the left side.
  3. Find and open the Package you wish to assign.
  4. Click Assign Package , and you'll get an overview of all assignments:
  5. First click Select Position, and select the Positions you wish to assign the Package to. You can assign it to as many different Positions as you want. If you want to assign it to all Positions, simply select All Positions.
  6. Second you need to click Select Playlist to decide which Playlist the Package should appear in for users matching this assignment. You must select one playlist per assignment, and it's not possible to select more than one. If you select the last Playlist, typically named Available, the Package will not appear in any Playlists, but will instead be available in the Discover menu in Motimate. This can be a good alternative for Packages you simply want to make available for those who like.
  7. Finally you must click Select Groups to decide which groups you wish to assign your Package to.
  8. You can select as many Groups as you like. If you select a parent group, in a normal group structure you do not need to also add the child groups. The Package should be made available to anyone in children group. If you want to share it with the entire organization, make sure to select your top group, which is usually named the same as your organization name.
  9. Assignments are effective immediately. If your Package has already been Published, users will be notified right away. If the Package has not yet been Published, your users will not be notified until you publish it. There will be no notifications if you only publish to the Available Playlist.
  10. If you wish to make more assignments, simply click New Assignment. You would usually use different assignment if you wish for the Package to appear in different Playlists for different groups or positions.

Congratulations! You have now successfully assigned your Package.

A Package will only be made available to users who match both one of the Groups and one of the Positions you have selected. If the assignment only matched on group or only on position, the Package will not be assigned and available for the user.

All published Motis in a Package will become available to the users whom the Package as been assigned to. It is not necessary to assign each and every Moti to the same users. In fact we recommend that you do not assign Motis separately, as they would then appear both separate and in the package for the user, which may not be the most ideal user experience.