How to add Podcast?

Listening to a Podcast or audio can be an exciting way to learn new things. Many users prefer to take training when they are on the go. When you listen to audio, you don't need to keep your eyes on the screen.

Adding an audio file (Podcast)

  1. Start by clicking Edit Chapter in the chapter you want to add the Audio in.
  2. In the menu "Add Content", select Podcast.
  3. You will now see a new content block, where you can upload your audio file.
  4. Click Browse in order to select the audio file you wish to upload. Maximum file size is 200 MB, and we currently support the following audio formats: .m4a and mp3.
  5. You can click the Image or GIF-icon if you would like to upload a small image or GIF to illustrate your Podcast (optional).
  6. Type a Title of the Podcast if you like a title to display above the audio bar (optional).
  7. Write a Description if you would like it to appear below the title and above the audio bar (optional). You can change the Font color of the text by clicking the buttons on the bottom right corner of the block.
  8. Turn on the Required-toggle if you wish to make it required for users to listen to the entire Podcast.
  9. Turn on the Autoplay-toggle if you would like the Podcast to autoplay when it appears in the user's view.
  10. If you would like to change the Background Color of the block, this can be done via the button on the bottom left hand corner of the block
  11. Remember to click Save to avoid losing this, and other changes you've made, in the chapter.

Congratulations! You have now created a nice Podcast block.

If you would like to integrate audio from an external resource, like SoundCloud or Dream Broker, you can read our article on the External content block.