How to add editors to a Moti?

Adding editors to a Moti is easy, and offer a nice opportunity for multiple editors to contribute to the content. It is also possible to add a normal user as editor to a Moti if you wish.

Adding an editor to a Moti?

  1. Log into your Motimate account, and open Studio.
  2. Find the Moti you wish to add more editors to, and open it.
  3. You will now see the Moti Settings, and here you can easily click Add Editors.
  4. Select the users you wish to add as editors, and click Add to Moti.
  5. The users will now get access to the Moti in Editor and/or Studio immediately.

Congratulations! You have now successfully added more editors to your Moti.

It's not possible for multiple editors to edit chapters simultaneously. This is to avoid overwriting each other's changes. If and editor attempt to edit a Moti while another editor is editing, a warning will be shown, along the name of the other editor who is editing.

In order to make it possible for other editors to edit, the other editor must click Save and leave Edit Chapter.

If you add a Normal User as editor to a Moti, the user will not get access to Studio, but will instead only have access to Editor, and only see the courses which the user has been added as editor to.