How to add and edit Custom Links?

In Motimate you can easily add your own Custom Links which will appear in your Motimate account. It's quick and easy to add, edit, delete or re-order your links.

Managing your Custom Links

  1. Log into your organization's MotiSpace settings.
  2. Navigate to the Menu tab, and an overview of your Custom Links will appear.
  3. If the Menu tab is not available, check out how to enable MotiSpace features in order to enable it.
  4. Click New Link in order to add a new link. If you have a long list of links already, you'll find this button at the bottom of all your links.
  5. Type the Title of your and then paste in the URL of the link.
  6. Chose the Icon you wish to display next to your link, or upload your own.
  7. If you wish for the Title of your link to be translated differently for selected languages, simply click Add Translation, and select the Language you wish to translate the Title to. Click Add when done, and repeat this for every step you wish to provide a translation for.
  8. Click New Link in order to add a new link, or click and drag your links in order for them to appear in your preferred order.
    Note: Only the first five links will appear in the menu, and users need to click to expand the list of custom links if you have added more than five links.
  9. Click Save when you've added and sorted all your custom links. The changes will be live for all users immediately.
Congratulations! You've now added and sorted your own Custom Links.