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How to add a new group?

This article explains how you can add new groups manually in the Web Admin tool.

Adding a new group

  1. Log into your organization's Web Admin interface.
  2. Select the Groups tab and click Groups.
  3. Click New Group in the top right corner.
  4. Give a Name to your new Group.
  5. Select what Kind of groups this is.
  6. Kind refers to the level of the Group in your Group hierarchy. By default, your standard levels will be given the following names:
    • Level 0: Custom
    • Level 1: Organization
    • Level 2: Country
    • Level 3: Region
    • Level 4: Store
    • Be aware that the names or available levels may have been customized for your organization. To double-check the names and levels available for your organization or in order to add more level, you can contact Motimate Support.
  7. Click Create Group, and your new Group will be created.
  8. If you have created a group at Level 2 or below, you must select which Group is the parent of your new Group. In order to to that, click View at your new Group which now appear in your Group List.
  9. Under the Set Parent Group section, select the relevant Parent, and click Set Parent.

Congratulations! You have now created a new Group.

In order to verify that your Group Hierarchy looks like intended, you can click Group Tree in the top right corner when you're viewing your list of Groups.

It's important to think through what hierarchy will serve your organization's need the best. Feel free to contact support if you need advice. Your group structure should be a simple as possible in order to ease assignment of Motis, but also need to take into consideration impact on Pulse and Task features if your organization use there products.

Example Group Hierarchy: