FAQ - Motimate’s new web domain

On Thursday 9th of December 2021 we’ll be introducing a new web domain for all Motimate accounts. The new address will be motimate.app.

Below, you should find the answers to any questions you might have – but if there’s anything missing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

1. Do we have to do anything in preparation before the new web domain is introduced?

In most cases, no. All old URLs and single sign-on (SSO) configurations will be working as usual (but may be a bit slower as they’re redirected to the new domain).

The only exception to that rule is if you use custom firewall setups. If you have a custom rule for the old domain (web.motimateapp.com), you will now have to include the new motimate.app domain too.

2. Do we have to do anything after the new web domain is introduced?

At the start of 2022, we’ll encourage all customers to update their SSO configurations to reflect the domain change. This will improve login speeds.

We will also ask customers to make sure their mobile apps are running version 4.0.0 or greater, to ensure the new domain is fully supported on mobile.

3. Will our users be logged out after the domain update, and will they have to log back in again?

No. Users will remain logged in on both web and mobile apps.

4. How long will Motimate continue support for old URLs and SSO configurations?

No exact date has been set yet, but redirects will remain in place for at least 6 months to give everyone plenty of time to update their most critical links.

5. How much longer will old URLs take to load?

This depends on the user network. The redirects are designed to be as fast and small as possible, so most users won’t notice much difference.

However, in extreme cases (such as with slow 3G connections) delays could be around two seconds longer.

That being said, after the first redirect, all other URLs will be on the new domain and so load times should return to normal.

6. Do we have to update mobile apps?

No, not yet. Mobile apps in version 3.1.0 or greater are compatible with the new domain.

However, mobile apps in version 4.0.0 are optimised for the new domain, so we recommend using that version as soon as possible. We always recommend that our users use the latest versions of our apps. On iOS app versions before 4.0.0, the notification tab and push notification won't work correctly.

7. Do we have to update links in our Motis?

A lot of our customers will have links to the old domain in their Motis. It is possible to update these manually, however we plan to run database migration at the beginning of 2022 to automate this task for you.

8. Does the URL to Web Admin change?

No, this URL will continue to be served on the old domain:


9. Does the URL to the Motimate homepage change?

No, this will remain unchanged: