FAQ - Equality Check Training Package

We have collected the most common questions about Equality Check's training package on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace.



How and when can I upload users?

You should have received an email with information about uploading users shortly after you ordered the package. If you have not received this, you should check your spam folder. If you can't find it there either, please contact support.courses@motimateapp.com. We will do our best to send invitations within two working days of the file being uploaded.

How can I delete users?

Instructions on how to delete users can be found here: https://support.motimateapp.com/how-to-delete-a-user

Do you have any tips on how to prepare my organization?

  1. Inform all employees who will take part in the training in advance.
  2. Make sure that the e-mails from Motimate get through to the employees.

We know from experience that good information in advance has a lot to say about the effectiveness of the implementation. Therefore, we ask that you ensure that you send out an e-mail to everyone who will be taking the courses before you register/invite the user. This should contain:

  • Why they should complete the courses and the expectations of when they should be completed.
  • A notice that they will receive an email from Motimate with a username and password (if your organization has not ordered with SSO). We recommend that they change their password immediately.
  • That the courses can be completed via a browser or in an app on the smartphone. The app is called Motimate and can be found in the Apple App Store and in Google Play.
  • Reminders to complete the training will be sent out once a month to those who have not completed it by then. 

We have created a draft email that you can edit and send out to the employees. 
NB! Must be adapted if you have chosen SSO:


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are important to us at (name of organisation ), and we have therefore signed you up for the interactive DEI course from Equality Check in the learning platform Motimate

You will soon receive an invitation from no-reply@motimateapp.com that looks something like this:

The links in this email are safe to click. Follow the instructions and complete the courses on your preferred device; on your PC or mobile phone. After logging in, change your password under Account Settings. 

Good luck!


Avoid e-mails ending up in junk mail/spam

The emails from Motimate are sent from the following domains:

  • motimateapp.com
  • motimate.app

In general, the email address below will be the one used:

  • no-reply@motimateapp.com

We strongly recommend that you whitelist these domains in your email solution to ensure that they do not end up in spam. Report this to the IT manager/department/supplier in good time. It is critical for the implementation that e-mails from Motimate are received by your users.

How can I help users who have not received an invitation or cannot log in?

If a user cannot log in or has not received an email with a username and password, we recommend the following troubleshooting procedure:

  1. Ask users to check whether the email has ended up in their Spam/Junk folder.
    The email should be from no-reply@motimateapp.com with the title Welcome to Motimate!
  2. Ensure that the user attempts to log in at the correct URL

    IMPORTANT!  The URL you have been assigned in the invitation email from Motimate must be used. This will begin with 'eq'. If you are an existing Motimate customer, you can access and manage the courses as you would normally in your Studio.
  3. Users who have not received an invitation or whose password does not work can try clicking Forgot password. In case users have multiple email aliases, the user must provide the email address that you have uploaded to Motimate via CSV.
    The link to Forgot password is available at the bottom of the login page.
  4. If the user is unable to log into the app, the same troubleshooting steps as above apply, but users must also be careful to enter the correct MotiSpace. The MotiSpace must be the one specified in the e-mail invitation, i.e. what is written after https://motimate.app/ when you are logged into Motimate.
  5. If the user is not sent a password when they click on Forgotten password, and this e-mail has also not been sent to spam/junk mail, you must double-check that the user is trying to log in with the same e-mail address that you uploaded in The CSV file you sent to Motimate and that the user was registered in the CSV file.
  6. If everything else fails, or the user was not included in the CSV file you uploaded, you can contact support.courses@motimateapp.com and ask us to investigate the matter further.
    1. We need the following information about the user in question:
      1. E-mail address
      2. First name
      3. Surname
      4. MotiSpace
    2. If the user was included in the CSV file you uploaded, please confirm which of the steps mentioned above have been attempted. Also, send the following screenshots of the following:
      1. Error message when logging in that includes the entire screen, including the URL in the browser.
      2. Error message after clicking Forgot password.
    3. If the user was not included in the CSV file you uploaded, you can either use the same link you received in the order confirmation email to upload more users or upload them via the MotiSpace settings (instructions in next section). 

Forgot password on mobile

If a user finds that the Forgot password link does not work when they click Forgot password in the mobile app, it is important to be careful to choose to open the link that was sent in the email in the browser, and not in Motimate.

If the link is automatically opened in Motimate, we recommend copying and pasting it into the browser instead. Alternatively, the user can click on the link and reset the password on a PC/laptop instead of on a mobile phone.

Are many users not receiving emails from Motimate?

If you have not already done so, you must contact your IT department and request that all e-mails from the address below be white-listed :


If possible, please whitelist all of the following domains:


How can I add newly hired users?

If you have already uploaded users, and need to add more afterward, you can upload a new CSV file that only contains the new users. You must do this on the same link that you used to upload users last time. You can find the link in the order confirmation by email.

New users will normally receive an invitation to log in within one to three working days.

Be sure to send in the same format, with the following columns: email, first_name, and last_name. Add only the new users to this file.

Alternatively, you can add users yourself in MotiSpace settings: https://support.motimateapp.com/how-to-add-a-new-user

When adding the user this way, please ensure that you set their role to 'Normal User', and use their email address as their employee ID. 

Once they have been added in this way, you must also send them an invite. To do this, select the user(s) by using the check box next to their name. Once done, select 'Batch Actions in the top right-hand corner and select 'Send invitations'.

What information is sent to all registered users?

We send out an email to all users who have been imported. This email will contain login details and is the same as the one you received when you were invited to log in the first time.

This is the only email that will be sent to users in connection with the launch.

The content will look like this (subject to change):

Hello %first_name%,

We have created an account for you in Motimate to give you access to the Interactive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion courses from Equality Check that have been ordered by your employer. 

If you have questions about why you have been enrolled in these courses, please contact your manager, IT, HR, or L&D department. 

Information about how you can log in is below.

You can log in either through a web browser or in the mobile app. If you download the mobile app, you must write in the MotiSpace before entering your username and password when logging in for the first time.

We recommend that you change your password in the Account Settings after you have logged in for the first time. Do not use a password that you already use for other accounts

Good luck with your training!


What login reminders will users receive?

Users who have incomplete courses in Motimate will receive a reminder by e-mail on the 10th of each month at 10 am CET until they have completed them. To turn these reminders off, please contact us at support.courses@motimateapp.com

You also have the opportunity to create and send out invitation reminders to users that have not yet logged in. You can find instructions on how to adjust the standard invitation and create an invitation reminder email here.

To send invitation reminders:

  1. Log in to your Motimate account. 
  2. Open MotiSpace Settings under the settings icon
  3. Select Users from the menu on the left
  4. Click on Filters and then select never logged in
  5. Click Apply Filter
  6. A list of all users who have not logged in will then be shown. Choose the users that you would like to send reminders to and select Batch Actions
  7. Then, select Send invitation reminders

Can we adjust or change invitations and/or reminders?

The invitations can be adjusted in MotiSpace settings: https://support.motimateapp.com/how-to-customize-email-invitations. 

However, the automated reminders and their schedule will be the same for all customers.

We strongly recommend that you also inform your employees in your own channels to prepare them in advance that they will receive an invitation from Motimate, that links from Motimate are safe to click on, and about your expectations for completing the training package.

How can I ensure that emails do not end up in Spam?

All e-mails that are sent must be approved and signed according to rules for DMARC/DKIM/SPF. However, this is no guarantee that your e-mail provider does not mark some of the e-mails as Spam. We would therefore strongly encourage you to ask your
email provider to whitelist all emails from the following domains:

  • motimateapp.com
  • motimate.app

What is the expected completion time for the training package?

All courses are expected to take between 10 to a maximum of 25 minutes to complete.

Overall, we imagine that the vast majority of people will be able to complete all the training if they set aside a total of one to two hours.

How long are the courses available?

The courses are available for 12 months from your order being placed, with auto-renewal for the following 12 months. 

How can we create our own courses in Motimate?

Please contact sales@motimateapp.com if you are interested in a special offer for access to the entire Motimate platform in your organization.

How can users change the language in Motimate?

It is easy for users to change the language in Motimate. We have a separate article that explains: how to change the language in Motimate?

How can I access reporting?

Anyone who is an administrator in Motimate has access to detailed implementation statistics in Motimate under "Insights".  How to use "Insights"?

How do I contact support?

For questions about Motimate and the courses that are not answered in this FAQ, you can contact support.courses@motimateapp.com. Also contact this e-mail address if you, as the contact person, have not received an invitation to log in yourself, or if you have other technical questions.