How to make a Quiz?

A Quiz can be a nice way to both test knowledge and engage your users. You can make a quiz using both text and images, and you choose the percentage required to pass.

Adding a Quiz

  1. Start by clicking Edit Chapter in the chapter you want to add the Quiz in.
  2. In the menu "Add Content", select Quiz.
  3. You will now see a new content block, where you can configure your Quiz:
  4. You can then give a Title to your new Quiz.
  5. If you select Give the user customer feedback after completing the quiz, you can configure two different messages: One message for users who pass the quiz, and another message for users who fail.
  6. If you select Randomize order of questions, the questions will appear in a random order every time the user takes the quiz. If you have several questions, it is very unlikely that questions will appear in the same order as last time.
  7. After you have added all your questions, you can change how many of your questions will be presented to a user every time a Quiz is taken under Select number of questions. In combination with Randomize order of questions, if you have created 20 questions, you can ensure that for instance only 5 random questions out of the 20 are presented to the user.
  8. Configure how many percent of your questions must be answered correctly in order for a users to pass your Quiz under Set pass percentage.
  9. Click the '+' icon in order to create your first question.
  10. You will now see a form with these options for your question:
  11. Type your question in the Question box. Remember to finish it with a question mark :)
  12. You can click the Image icon next to the question if you wish to add an illustrating image.
  13. Select whether or not you want the answers the user can select from to be Text answers or Image answers.
  14. Type your answer alternative or upload your image alternative for each alternative in Answer alternative.
  15. Then click Add a new alternative as many times as you like.
  16. When you've added all your alternatives, select Correct next to the alternatives that are correct. If multiple alternatives are correct, the user must select all the correct alternatives in order to pass the question.
  17. If you select Custom feedback per alternative, you can provide a custom feedback to the user if the user selected that alternative. Customer feedback can be provided both for correct and incorrect alternatives.
  18. If you select Custom feedback for question, you can provide a custom feedback to the user if the questions is answered correct or incorrect. You will not be able to tailor it according to which alternative the users selected.
  19. When you are happy with all the alternatives you've added, remember to click Save to avoid losing this, and other changes you've made, in the chapter.

Congratulations! You have now created a nice Quiz block.