FAQ - NorSIS Cyber Security Courses

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Last updated: 26 Oct 2021 @ 08:30

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I upload users?
  2. How can I prepare the users in my organization?
  3. How and when will my users be invited?
  4. Can we adjust or edit the invitation emails?
  5. How can we ensure no emails end up in users' spam folders?
  6. How can I help users with login problems?
  7. What kind of reporting is available?
  8. How can users change language in Motimate?
  9. What kind of reminders will my users receive?

Still need support?
If you still have questions not covered in this article, please feel free to reach our to our support team on support.security@motimateapp.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

1. How can I upload users?

You will receive an email with your order confirmation shortly after you complete your order. This email will have instructions on how to upload your users. Please make sure to follow these instructions carefully. If you have not received your order confirmation email, please check if it might have ended up in your spam folder. If you still cannot find it, you can contact the Motimate support team on support.security@motimateapp.com

Your users will automatically receive an email invitation to log in to Motimate within 1-2 business days after you uploaded your users. This email will primarily only contain information on how to log in to Motimate in order to complete the security courses. We strongly encourage you to create awareness of the security courses well in advance of this, and ensure that the users are aware when the email from Motimate arrive in their inbox.

2. How can I prepare the users in my organization?

It's in both your and our interest that as many as possible of your users complete the security courses. However, please note that there will be no information from Motimate or NorSIS sent to your customers. Motimate will only send an email with the login details. As such it's very important that your users have been prepared and informed in advance of receiving this email, and before you upload your users. Otherwise, they may not know why they are receiving an email, or even what Motimate is.

Two very important points:

  1. Make sure that all emails from Motimate reach your users (whitelist no-reply@motimateapp.com) (See how here)
  2. Inform your users well in advance in your own internal channels, to ensure that they know about the security package, and that they know what to do when they receive an invitation to log in.

It's a good idea that you log in first, check out the courses, and ideally complete them yourself, so that you are familiar with Motimate and the course content. Ideally you do this on both Web and in the Mobile app.

Here are some pieces of information we know from experience is important to inform your users about:

  • Include a brief description of the security course as well as Motimate, and why it is important that your users complete the training.
  • You users can complete the training on Web, or they can download Motimate in Apple App Store or on Google Play.
  • Prepare them that they will receive an email from Motimate with an invitation to log in, and that this email is safe to open. Their unique username and password will be provided in this email.
  • You may also want to encourage your users to change their password after their first login.
  • Your users will also receive monthly reminders from Motimate until they have completed all courses.

3. How and when will my users be invited?

Your users will receive invitations to log in to Motimate about 1-2 business days after you've uploaded all the user data.

The invitation email will look very similar to the one you received.

Currently the email will be in plain text* from no-reply@motimateapp.com

The email subject is: Welcome to Motimate

The content of the email looks like this:

Hi %{first_name},

We have now created an account for you in Motimate so you can access the Interactive Cyber Security courses, purchased by your organization.

You are receiving this email because these courses have been assigned to you and other members of your organization. If you are not already aware of this, you can get more information from your manager, HR or L&D department.

These courses must be accessed on Motimate, which is the chosen learning platform.

You can log in to the Motimate platform here:

These are the credentials you will need to use to log in:
Username: %{email}
Password: %{password}

We recommend that you change your password in your account settings after logging in the first time. Do not change it to a password you use elsewhere!

If you would like to log in using the Motimate app instead, you can download the app for both iOS and Android here:

When you log in on mobile, before entering your username and password, you must also provide an Organization ID.

Your organization ID is: %{identifier_name}

Good luck with your training!

Best regards,

*) We are working on a new nice looking HTML email design. The text content in that email will still be the same, but it will look visually a little more appealing.

4. Can we adjust or edit the invitation emails?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, if you have purchased the customized version of our package, your users will be directed to your customized login page, bearing your organization logo and your chosen color theme.

5. How can we ensure no emails end up in users' spam folders?

All emails from Motimate should comply with DMARC, DKIM, and SPF standards. However, this is no guarantee that your email provider will not mark our emails as spam.

We strongly encourage you to ensure that your IT department white-lists all emails from the following email address during the campaign, in order to ensure that all emails from Motimate, both to you and your users, arrive in your inboxes:


6. How can I help users with login problems?

If a user is unable to log in, or has not receive his or her email with their personal username and password, we recommend the following troubleshooting procedure:

  1. Ask the user to check if the invitation email has arrived in their Spam folder. The email should be from no-reply@motimateapp.com with the subject Welcome to Motimate.
  2. Make sure that your user is attempting to login using the correct URL. The login URL should be exactly the same that you are using.
    If your organization ordered a customized package, the login page should bear your organization's logo and chosen color theme.
  3. Users who cannot find their invitations or whose passwords do not work, can attempt to click Forgot password! on the login page. In case the user has multiple email addresses in your organization, it is critical that he or she uses the email address that you uploaded when you uploaded user data in your CSV file.
  4. If a user is unable to log in using the mobile app, the same troubleshooting steps mentioned above still apply, however the user must also make sure that he or she provides the correct organization name. This is specified in the invitation email, and should be exactly the same as you received. It is unique to your organization if you chose the customized packaged. If you did not chose a customized package, the organization name will be one of the following:
    • security-en
    • security-de
    • security-fr
  5. If the user does not receive a password when clicking the Forgotten Password link, and this email also does not arrive in the user's spam folder, you should double check at the email address the user is attempting to log in with is exactly the same as the email address you uploaded in the CSV file. If not, it will not be possible for the user to log in.
  6. If all the steps above are failing, you can contact our support team on support.security@motimateapp.com.
    1. We need you to proactively provide the following information about the user:
      1. Email address
      2. First name
      3. Last name
    2. If you are confident that the user was already included in the CSV file you uploaded, please attach the following screenshots:
      1. Errors of login attempts, which include the entire screen, including the URL. Also a screenshot of the email address used to log in.
      2. Error message after filling out the email address and clicking Forgot Password.
    3. If the user was missing from your CSV file, you can simply upload a new CSV file. The CSV file should be in the same format as previously, but this time you only need to include data on the missing user(s). You have to use the same link you used previously to upload additional user(s).

Several of my users to not receive their emails from Motimate?

It is possible that our email are caught incorrectly by various spam filters. If you have not already done so, please make sure at all emails from the following email address are white-listed:


7. What kind of reporting is available?

After logging in to Motimate, you should see an option for Insights in the menu to the left. Click this option, and afterwards we recommend that you select Group Admin Report.

This report will give you an overview of all the users in your organization, and how what percentage of the content they have completed. The percentage is calculated based on the percentage of completed chapters, and not the percentage of completed courses. As such, courses with more chapter will be weighted more.

As an alternative to the Group Admin Report, you can also chose Reports. This is a slightly older reporting interface, but you do also have the option to export your data to Excel using this feature.

8. How can users change language in Motimate?

It's very easy for users to change their language settings in Motimate. We have a separate article on this topic, which you can share to them: How to change your language in Motimate?

Note: When a user changes language in Motimate, the user interface will change to that of the chosen language, and Motimate supports a range of languages. However the courses in the Security Package are only available in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French

If the customer changes to any other language, the user interface will still change, but the course content will appear in the standard language for your organization.

9. What kind of reminders will my users receive?

Your users will receive an automated reminder email on the 3rd of every month. This email will only be sent to users who have not yet completed all the security courses.

Users who have completed all courses in the account will not receive any such reminder emails.

These reminders are also sent from no-reply@motimateapp.com